Thursday, 16 April 2020

Most Iconic Movie Cars Of All Time

Some films just wouldn't be the same without a car. Imagine Thelma & Louise or any road trip movie without a car!  Sometimes a car is key in 'driving' the characters from one location to another or 'steering' the plot of the movie.

But sometimes a car becomes more than just a prop in a movie.  Sometimes a film becomes synonymous with the car it features, and sometimes the car becomes bigger than the movie itself.

Where would Batman be without the Batmobile?  Or James Bond without an Aston Martin?

Our list of iconic movie cars features cars that are famous because of the movie they were featured in.  Cars that made a movie famous.  Cars that were already famous but given a starring role in a film.  Cars that became a cult phenomenon, years after a film's release.  And cars that are simply irreplaceable in their featured movie.

In no particular order, here's our list of the most iconic cars in cinema history.

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